Monday, June 27, 2011

GEO Bella Brown (BS-204) Review - UPDATE

I finally got the chance to post this update on my GEO Bella Brown replacement lens. Sorry if I took so long, I got really lazy

I can't wait to open it and try it on.

Here's the lens inside the vial .

Thank you for Pinkyparadise for sending me another lens. The shipment took about 2 weeks. I didn't care how long it took because I was just too excited to wear the GEO Bella Brown on a daily basis

I took more close-up pics of the lenses now that the replacement came in. The new lens has no problems at all unlike the first one I got. I can see with it on----yay!  

Natural light.
With flash.
These lenses are beautiful! If you plan on getting lenses that are very natural, pick the GEO Bella Brown.

I took more photos so you can see how the lenses look from a distance


  1. Okay yeah, I'm going to order these! thank you for providing full face shots too! :)

  2. wow you have the most beautiful eyes! xx

  3. i'm really looking into buying brown circle lenses, and this color i'm really considering! :) thanks for the photos!

  4. You look gorgeous, I'm buying these!

  5. wow they look so great and natural! I'm going to buy them too! thanks for your review! :)

  6. :)these lenses look very natural! im so glad you did a review on these lens ^u^ because i have these on my wishlist:) & i've been thinking about purchasing them...thanks for the pics!