Saturday, May 7, 2011

HARD CANDY Glossaholic (Gorgeous)- Review

Harrroo! I'm here to bring another make-up product review!

I was at Wal-mart saw that HARD CANDY has a new line of lip glosses called Glossaholics. I wanted to try it out since it was only $5
I got the color Gorgeous.

The glitter flecks in the gloss have a golden color. It's not visible in this photo though. Since the wand is big I only need one swipe to apply enough product on my lips .

Here's a swatch of the lip gloss. If you have it on, its sheer adds a pink hue to your lips.
It has large specks of glitter in the gloss . A downside to the lip gloss is the sweet, sugary taste. I don't like the overly sweet taste and is a con in my opinion. 

The duration of wear runs somewhat short. I find myself reapplying the gloss every couple of hours . However, its not sticky which is a plus for me.

HARD CANDY Glossaholic Lip Gloss Review:


Overall Rating: 

Give the Glossaholic lip gloss a try. The tube the wand are HUGE! The size is comparable to MAC's Superwoman Lip Glosses. For the price, its a decent lip gloss.

Bye bye!

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